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React (Native) and Typescript: a journey to a unified team using a common language


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Writing the same business logic multiple times just to support different platforms is a common pain of the app development world. This inefficiency becomes even more severe if that same logic needs to be implemented on a web application as well, leading to three different platforms to maintain and evolve. This setting not only leads to frustration, higher costs, and lower delivery times but also fragments your team into a heterogeneous and fragile set of specialists, one for each supported platform. At lastminute.com we were facing this exact painful scenario few months ago and we solved it applying a quite unique mix of React, React Native, and Typescript. This talk is is about the journey from being a team that writes the same code three times, to being one that writes it once and just deploy it three times. We will discuss the architectural challenges you need to solve, the pitfalls you must avoid, and the positive side effects your team will benefit from such a new setting.

Alessandro Romano Alessandro Romano

Since a lightning took my game developed with RPG Maker (and my Pentium II that ran it), I try to write code that nature or colleagues do not feel compelled to take away. Call it "clean", if you prefer.

Born dynamic and types-less, I came across Typescript and it was immediately love (and hate).

In lastminute.com I found people to halve the boredom of debugging and doubling the happiness of refactoring: we are very serious in making fun of our work.

I love to play Roger Federer (also known as "tennis") and videogames.

Emanuele Ianni Emanuele Ianni

I'm a software engineer with more than 5 years experience.

I'm really passionate about technology and clean code and I currently work at lastminute.com group where we build the mobile app and the architecture behind it.

I am addicted to board games and NBA.